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Build and deploy beautiful, organic, modular documentation sites


Connect your Orchid site to GitHub services.

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OrchidGithub connects Orchid to Github's services, including integrating wikis, creating releases, and publishing your site directly to Github Pages.



Wiki Adapter

OrchidGithub comes with a github Wiki Adapter, to integrate a project wiki as an Orchid wiki section. This will clone the wiki repository and convert its contents to an Orchid wiki automatically. If a _Sidebar file exists in the wiki, pages will be ordered according to the order of links in that sidebar file. Otherwise, pages will be ordered alphabetically, with a summary page generated listing all pages in order.

# config.yml
        type: "github"
        repo: "[username/repo]" # the wiki attached to this project will be used

Github Pages Publisher

The githubPages publisher will take your rendered site and publish it to a static website on Github Pages. You must have a personal access token set for publication to work, see Configuration below.

# config.yml
      - type: 'githubPages'
        username: '[username]' # the username which created the personal access token
        repo: '[username/repo]' # the repo to publish to

Github Releases Publisher

The githubReleases publisher will create a release on Github release notes from the OrchidChangelog plugin's latest changelog version.

# config.yml
      - type: 'githubReleases'
        repo: '[username/repo]' # the repo to create a release on


You must generate a personal access token from Github to successfully authenticate and allow Orchid to perform actions on your behalf, like publishing a site to Github Pages. This can be set as the githubToken environment variable, or passed to Orchid from Gradle.

// build.gradle
orchid {
    githubToken ="githubToken")

Note that this token grants full access to your account, and should be treated like any normal password. Never check it in to your repository.

dependencies {
    orchidRuntime 'io.github.javaeden.orchid:orchidgithub:0.17.1'